28 märts 2021
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SIDEMENS GOT TALENT featuring the wonderful sidemen boys!
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  • wasnt expecting to see D-low and Frosty ngl.

    EternalArcticEternalArctic2 minutit tagasi
  • ethan: ‘i think im gonna cry at this one’ simon: ‘i feel like this is gonna be an emotional one’ *two massive sloths walk out*

    Timothée ChalametTimothée Chalamet50 minutit tagasi
  • Just imagine when JJ was pulling the sword out he started saying "in out in out shake it all about" 😂😂

    Waz GameingWaz Gameing59 minutit tagasi
  • anyone else notice when the beatboxer laughed it was in sync with Simon's

    AceYourFaceAceYourFace2 tundi tagasi
  • retractable blade?

    Ethan WengEthan Weng3 tundi tagasi
  • Dlow🔥🔥

    XI AKL : Rajibar ErlanggaXI AKL : Rajibar Erlangga4 tundi tagasi
  • 27:18

    Hamza TwoHamza Two4 tundi tagasi
  • I just realized that D-low came down here. If only they know how legendary him and Frosty in the beatbox scene

    Cod. dreCod. dre4 tundi tagasi
  • The standard of the video has improved a lot recently...big up the editors..

    Abdul HaashirAbdul Haashir6 tundi tagasi
  • Dang D-low and frosty went hard

    Kayden At the LeafKayden At the Leaf6 tundi tagasi
  • Didn't think i would be seeing D-Low and Frosty

    OrochiッOrochiッ11 tundi tagasi
  • anyone else hiding in the comments so they can't see this man lift a KEG WITH HIS EARS!??!?!?

    EmmaEmma12 tundi tagasi
  • The fact that they done this show in the pandemic is just saving the performer lives. Those performer got probably zero income during this whole period and now they got known by the public just makes me feels so good. WELL DONE SIDEMENS!!!!!

    Qi Le TanQi Le Tan13 tundi tagasi
  • JJ Looks Deppressed?

    NxtDaxzNxtDaxz14 tundi tagasi
  • 19:08 most embarrassing moment ever

    Ahsan SafeerAhsan Safeer16 tundi tagasi
  • Disliking the vid only cuz jj didn't respect the quality and the art these ppl were showing disrespectful

    Adnan AlblooshiAdnan Alblooshi20 tundi tagasi
  • the fact that vik told dlow and frosty that it’s their time shine and dlow is literally one of the biggest beatboxers

    Grace PurcellGrace Purcell22 tundi tagasi
  • What is this cockney street scam artist magic

    Watch MeWatch Me23 tundi tagasi
  • ayo remember when d-low went against codfish

    Living PainLiving Pain23 tundi tagasi
  • That was amazing

    micah burkemicah burke23 tundi tagasi
  • No they dont

    hamood habibihamood habibiPäev tagasi
  • I feel like Tobi was so happy to be on stage for some action when people don’t pay attention to him

    SS7 TEDDYSS7 TEDDYPäev tagasi

    AmmarAmmarPäev tagasi
  • The beat boxers were so sick

    Josh GamblesJosh GamblesPäev tagasi
    • Ikr

      Alien PalAlien PalPäev tagasi
  • Jj is the new Simon Cawell

    Freeman BTWFreeman BTWPäev tagasi
    • Thats who he was impersonating

      Alien PalAlien PalPäev tagasi
    • O not a sorry😢

      Freeman BTWFreeman BTWPäev tagasi
  • KSI in SGT - ( ̄ ‘i  ̄;) JJ if he saw this on TNTL or reddit - (⊙o⊙)

    Ananjai AryaAnanjai AryaPäev tagasi
  • Man how is KSI so chill man

    Kofi AfriyieKofi AfriyiePäev tagasi
  • Video suggestion: Sidemen fasting a day of Ramadan

    Kassem ElkhowayerKassem ElkhowayerPäev tagasi
  • i’m i the only one that didn’t like the beatboxing?

    AyanokojiAyanokojiPäev tagasi

    Xavier TokXavier TokPäev tagasi
  • 26:10 This gives me flashbacks to Callux's Skillschool video

    Philip ForintonPhilip ForintonPäev tagasi

    blissfvllyblissfvllyPäev tagasi

      blissfvllyblissfvllyPäev tagasi

    Dean_C137Dean_C137Päev tagasi
  • the amount of anxiety i felt throughout this

    blissfvllyblissfvllyPäev tagasi
  • Never expected D f-ing low to be in this video lol what an unexpected legend

    FlameengoFlameengoPäev tagasi
  • how u got better contestants than america got talent

    gio brimgio brimPäev tagasi
  • * Fire has appeared in the chat * Simon: This is everything I've wanted 😈

    minij hooiminij hooiPäev tagasi

    its deccoits deccoPäev tagasi
  • JJ is so annoying, that’s why Harry is my fave now.

    Javier De LaraJavier De LaraPäev tagasi
  • After this cancel americas got talent

    AmadeusAmadeusPäev tagasi
  • Man to be honest I thought d-low would have gone harder.

    Kibble DribsKibble DribsPäev tagasi
  • Every time someone beatboxes Apparently the spit lmao not true if u know what ur doing

    Prod. ExoProd. ExoPäev tagasi
  • Kotcha (D-low and Frosty's GBB tag team name) killed it

    Dreamt ZacknatorDreamt ZacknatorPäev tagasi
  • Yo I lost my shot when d-low showed up

    That1Guy 707That1Guy 707Päev tagasi
  • KSI is just being mean and trying to act cool, not that I don't like the attitude, its just like Simon

    tyrese Suttontyrese SuttonPäev tagasi
  • the 'u want some' geezer made my day

    Lunas HamenniLunas HamenniPäev tagasi
  • Ksi ruined it

    CyleekfootballCyleekfootballPäev tagasi
  • Pov: when they beatbox and they roast jj everyone is vibing with tobi

    kikis hyperkikis hyper2 päeva tagasi
  • We really need another one of these

    suoejfb peoeldjdjfsuoejfb peoeldjdjf2 päeva tagasi
  • the way ksi looks so serious

    Moses MatovuMoses Matovu2 päeva tagasi
  • 15:12 Vik got scared because the guy turned around :'D

    GCN_StealthGCN_Stealth2 päeva tagasi
  • i cant believe they met D-low and Frosty i wish they met codfish tho but no one knows where he is

    TenmaTenma2 päeva tagasi
  • I love how ethan only said yes to the first guy cause he gave him a biscuit

    Cameron SmartCameron Smart2 päeva tagasi
  • I love how KSI mocked what the first guy was wearing... but did he look at himself?

    Cameron SmartCameron Smart2 päeva tagasi
  • Best beatboxer choice D-low with the insane inward base

    Julius CoombeJulius Coombe2 päeva tagasi
  • Ethan's face when he saw the snake was priceless

    james Poundjames Pound2 päeva tagasi
  • That was fun to watch.

    Richiee RichieeRichiee Richiee2 päeva tagasi
  • wait so who won

    GalatixBrawlGalatixBrawl2 päeva tagasi
  • D-Looooooowwwwww

    Dalton PadangiDalton Padangi2 päeva tagasi
  • This has to be one of the best sidemen videos

    Ricky RichmondRicky Richmond2 päeva tagasi
  • JJ just wants to be a cool judge

    Tom BerlinTom Berlin2 päeva tagasi
  • D-Lowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

    RJ 14RJ 142 päeva tagasi
  • Yo fr thanks for using me and my bro omg vine in your song ksi really appreciate it ❤️❤️

    Youngmello 45Youngmello 452 päeva tagasi
  • Jj tried to act cool HAHAHAHAHA

    Karl KhalifehKarl Khalifeh2 päeva tagasi
  • 37:52 my favourite part

    Theninja MdmTheninja Mdm2 päeva tagasi
  • 33:44 ksi ain’t no simp

    Preston PelenkahuPreston Pelenkahu2 päeva tagasi
  • Can't stop watching D-low and Frosty's beatboxing jesus

    EclipsaMyrtenasterEclipsaMyrtenaster2 päeva tagasi
  • I disliked as KSI disrespect to beatboxing its so hard ,I mean really KSI was it necessary🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️

    Infinity BoyInfinity Boy2 päeva tagasi
  • Those beat boxers were dope!

    KennedyKennedy2 päeva tagasi
  • Ayyy D-low and stuff cool

    JeffessonJeffesson2 päeva tagasi
  • I thought lilnaz x would come out the cage with the fire

    Noah KingNoah King2 päeva tagasi

    C CFC CF2 päeva tagasi
  • All the acts were much better than Britain’s got talent! Would love to see a part 2!

    Ch :-pCh :-p2 päeva tagasi
  • KSI is a pessimistic schmuck

    252laylow252laylow3 päeva tagasi
  • KSI is gonna be the next Simon cowell

    FN FraziXFN FraziX3 päeva tagasi
  • JJ's Reddit gonna blow with comments from the BBX fam😂

    Libra the BlueLibra the Blue3 päeva tagasi
  • 35:45

    RADICALZRADICALZ3 päeva tagasi
  • JJ really said:😐

    Indominus rexIndominus rex3 päeva tagasi
  • Insane beatboxing

    BuildsBuilds3 päeva tagasi
  • no one talking about how the strong men were absolutely PACKING

    bodoti qwiubodoti qwiu3 päeva tagasi
  • Where did the b***h go?? - Harry

    BBoy BoBBBoy BoB3 päeva tagasi
  • DEEEE LOWWW... ESH!!! 35:40

    Jo BarJo Bar3 päeva tagasi
  • Harry: “where did the b*tch go”

    zephyrzephyr3 päeva tagasi
  • 35:30

    NiteshadeNiteshade3 päeva tagasi
  • Ethan: “I kissed a sloth” with the most excited and shocked face lmao

    Meghan WeltonMeghan Welton3 päeva tagasi
    • D-LOW seemed to have a little fan moment with Vik and Tobi lol

      minij hooiminij hooiPäev tagasi
  • they really went and got the 2 year world champion in beatboxing holy

    I Am NalaikoI Am Nalaiko3 päeva tagasi
  • Ggg

    NqbzNqbz3 päeva tagasi
  • Yh

    NqbzNqbz3 päeva tagasi
  • Gh

    NqbzNqbz3 päeva tagasi
  • Tt

    NqbzNqbz3 päeva tagasi
  • Rt

    NqbzNqbz3 päeva tagasi
  • Wee

    NqbzNqbz3 päeva tagasi
  • ksi=bitch

    DEJA Vu ytDEJA Vu yt3 päeva tagasi
  • My favorite was the cheeky moneys and the adds are for the sidemen clothes and that was fantastic and gully means a large knife

    Real MadridReal Madrid3 päeva tagasi
  • We need another one nowww

    VexlyVexly3 päeva tagasi
  • he can’t handle an intelligent lady

    hugo Hoennhugo Hoenn3 päeva tagasi
  • 21:00 he’s floating because he’s being lifted by spiritual force that can’t be seen by the human eye and every magician has sold their soul so they get the help from demons.

    SN ChainzSN Chainz3 päeva tagasi
  • Who was the six guy

    Dr DragonDr Dragon3 päeva tagasi
  • Sam Goodburn - unicycle legend!

    Salty LemonSalty Lemon3 päeva tagasi
  • 35:34 ur welcome

    Lord Draco781Lord Draco7813 päeva tagasi